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Poised to revolutionize real estate functioning in India

Navnit Group, a formidable force in corporate India has added a new perspective to Mobility. By dealing with premier brands of the world, Navnit has enhanced movement on land, on sea and air.

Navnit is a professionally managed group of companies. The diversity of the corporation is integrated through a strong focused drive for leadership in each of our business, shared values and business practices.

Navnit is guided by a set of beliefs, which are at the heart of all our activities. The beliefs give a common cause and sense of purpose across the businesses, making Navnit in essence ‘ one company’.

The penchant to scale greater heights and explore beyond the realms of the ordinary, has catapulted the growth of Navnit Group.

Navnit offer clients a one stop service for finding the best properties.

Navnit Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a new-age real estate organization providing a wide spectrum of solutions and services in various facets of Indian real estate business Navnit Infra introduces to the Indian real estate market a cutting-edge technology for real estate transactions and the best practices at par with global standards.

However, in spite of the boom factor, Indian real estate has always been divulged as semi-transparent and unorganized. These factors have sometimes resulted in the depletion of many potential investments.

Navnit Infra is poised to revolutionize real estate functioning in India, with fully systemized processes, increasing transparency by setting guidelines for ethical business transactions, improving efficiency in services as we make a head start to take Indian real estate market to the next level.

Our highly motivated, committed, effective and efficient system is a best and yet a promising mixture of all the tools, techniques and human involvement – indeed a right mix to success, for the service providers as well as the investors.

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