Supported by a team of more than 1600 skilled employees, the group sells over 12,000 vehicles each year in every category and is a significant player in the key Indian markets of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. Growing and diversifying with the rapid rise of the Indian economy in the last two decades, the Navnit Group comprises the business verticals of Automotive, Infrastructure, Marine, Adventure Sports, Aviation and Financial Services with interests in training and development.

As an experienced and trusted business house committed to delivering solutions in keeping with the evolving aspirations of customers, partners and associates, Brand Navnit has a wide reach and recall value in the market. Rooted in the stability and value systems of a traditional business family for more than seven decades, our flagship company Navnit Motors Pvt Ltd (NMPL) was established in 1986 as a customer focused, value based business capable of responding to new challenges.

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